40 vor 40

Maybe you think it sounds a bit weird, but I like to-do-lists in every kind and I LOVE to cross out things I have done or reached!! Since I´m a kid, a made those lists for everything - school, hobby, cleaning my room, calling my friends, washing my hair..... EVERYTHING. And what a wonderfull moment, when I was allowed to cross some points out!

SO - HERE IS MY NEW LIST! (beside the to do list for our move in september I told you about)

( so as of august 2012, 7 years to go!)

  1. having 50 followers on my blog (20/50)
  2. singing on a stage again (from 19 - 24 I earned some good money with my brasilian samba-band)
  3. doing a little gardening work without killing a flower or plant or something I did it, and I wasn't good in that, hihihihi
  4. sewing a dress for my baby daughter Trousers and a shirt, yeeeha!
  5. sewing what ever she likes for my teenie - she likes to have a nightdress (..hm ok)
  6. finding a job, employment I realy love to go every day!( Yea I did, I become a teacher, and that is realy the one thing I love the most!)
  7. flying to New York and having an amazing short trip ( long weekend) with my husband
  8. spending at least two weeks with my whole family in England or Scotland or USA for vacation
  9. Doing a cattle drive
  10. to let my hair grow to my shoulders ( I had that, but it is boring to have my hair that long. I´m not that kind of a styling freak, so every day was the same pony-tale....so I cut them again!)
  11. loosing about 6 kilos  (13 pounds): reaching 69 kilos (152,12 lb) ( 2/6)
  12. spending the weekend with my hubs, without children and talking about children.
  13. learn autogenous welding cool and not that hard to learn as I thought of.
  14. creating my first metal-sculpture
  15. learning danish
  16. learning italian
  17. learning spanish
  18. having a haircut I realy love and a colour that is fabulous - at the same time (I found MY colour - It is a mix of "Cerise" and "Poppy Red" by "Directions" and my hair cut is great now!)
  19. finding a hairdresser who is able to recreate No.20 :-) exactly the same!! (found a great one it is called F.B.I and a bit crazy but they know what I´m talking about. And my colour is done by myself!)
  20. finding a kindergarten for my Baby-One, which I love, she likes to be in, which is nice and beautifull and looks like the kindergartens you can see in TV :-) - ( we have got the greatest nanny ever, so kindergarten is past!)
  21. finding the perfect highheel
  22. wearing highheels again. (not that practical, if 90% of your day are spended on the playground)( did it!)
  23. doing a ladys weekend with my mum and my sister - wellness maybe :-)Wasn´t a Weekemd, but we had a great whole saturday, I think that counts!
  24. doing a ladys weekend with my best friend (withour talking about our girls) It wasn´t really a weekend, but a sunday and it was great, we went to a craft trade fair without the kids and with a lot of themes but not only baby-Girls!
  25. going on a holiday-short-trip with my sister. (we did that, when we were students)
  26. finding the perfect tea (earl-grey) ( July 2012, earl grey with blue flowers, simple but great!)
  27. visiting munich and the Victualien Markt
  28. visiting London to see all that historic places you have to see!
  29. buying or building the perfect massiv wood table, which is big enough to have at least 10 people arround eating. ( We bought one and it is perfect! We got it at Ebay and it was only 45€ !!!! And the bomb is, that about 12 people could sit around it!!! YEEHA!! I´ll take photos and post them!)
  30. having a wonderfull family dinner - around this table of No.33 - with the whole family! In my new house!! ( we had that at christmas)
  31. visiting some european - countrys (ok, the ones I´m interested in :-)) : Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Turkey, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece ( ok Zypress), Hungary, Ireland, Italy, England, Scotland, Wales, Spain, Sweden, Iceland, Ukraine, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Switzerland, Russia, Norway, Monaco. 
  32. complete Lucys Baby - the first year- photo album
  33. send 10 people a card just to say hello (0/10)
  34. getting Baby-Lucy a bit braver, so that she is no longer afraid of our neighbours
  35. finding an animal Lucy is not afraid of, loves to pet - before she is two. A month and 8 days left and we had a grat experience, Lucy adores kittens! She loves to pet them, talk to them, take them on her arms! July 2012 and we found it!
  36. cooking my first roast
  37. learn to bake and to decorate a big cake
  38. tidy out our cellar we did it!!! YEEEHA! on August the 25th 2012 we did it together with Mum
  39. going with ELLEN, making the world a little bit better by helping people and beeing nice.
  40. making my exams with an A ore something like that
  41. finding a great school
  42. making a real camping vacation with my family in and vanagon we where in France in Normandie and it was such a great deal, we have to do that next year again!
  43. Having a Tripp with my whole family. Parents, sister and my be-loved-ones!