Friday shopping! :-)


Today I went shopping early in the morning, because later it went so hot, you could even move one toe!
Ok go shopping wasn´t my goal when I startet our walk, I just wanted to have a look through our village to see whats going on - today was marked-day and you HAVE to take a look!

But then KIK came into my way - suddenly out of no where and of course I did not know that it will be there - lol!!!
Just kidding, I went there just to have a look and maybe to buy something for my Baby-Lucy ... ok that is what I came out with, next to the things I bought for Baby-Lucy and Teen-Lisa :-)
I just spendet 17,-€ / about 21-,US $ !!!! YEEHA!

Not so hard to find what are my colours this summer - right :-)
I ADORE this flower-ear-pins! They are so crazy cute!

This could be my high five this week, but there was so much more I was glad about!

So lets start!

1. A great shopping trip today! see pictures above!
2. The weather this week was a bomb! It was hot but a bit windy too, so we spend the whole day in the garden and the kids jumped into the Babypool! Go on SUN, you can rock it!!
3. Our neighbour present us his barbecue, he bought himself a newer one, but that was such a great thing for us, because we wanted to buy one, next year after our move into the new house. So YEEHA! We grilled three times this week and tomorrow too!! :-)
4. I HAVE A NEW JOB!! On monday I will sign the working-contract, but it is for sure, I have a new job! It is about working ( spending the day) with elderly people (50+), who have a past with acoholism and have to learn to spend the live without it and to run a houshold. 
In the beginning it will be only 52hours the month, but from january on, i´ll get more hours - Baby-Lucy just has to go into the kindergarten. So, JIPIIEE - I HAVE A NEW JOB!
5. I wanted to have a spezial necklace but I couldn´t find one I like, sooooooooooo I tinkerd one by myself!! And an other one too, so - what do you think?!

Because I repaired an other necklace of mine and also got a new wtsch from my mum! I love it, it is so Boho!! Wonderful!

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Oh wow, I love all those accessories! So cute. They suit you! :)

    I added you via GFC. I hope you can join my link up! It's on Tuesdays: :)


  2. Thank you so much!!
    I´ll take a look at your link up!

    Love Mirja