what a SNAP!!!

Today we bought this great lounge-armchair for my Teenie.
It is called Bali - and I bet it feels like beeing in Bali sitting in it :-) Realy comfortable!!

source: roller.de
isn´t it lovely?!
And it is such a snap! I just googled, that normaly you have to pay between 450€ and 520€, ouch!! Lisa got it for 150€!!!!!!!! Yeeeeha!!! We bought it at NicePrice.

To get it was such a nice story! As I told you we went to NicePrice the other day, just to have a look.... Lisa was always roaming around a huge packet looking through the foil - once...twice.... then she realizes that this must be an armchair, which is green and white - she loves green!!! And it looked like a lounge seat or something like that......hmmm
She was sooo interested in it, that she asked the shopowner to reserve it for her (even without seeing it without foil) for three days.
Outside the shop she was completely fluttering - how to finance it??
Then there was the solution - calling the family to ask, if there is a chance to prepone her birthday, which is in september.
She got an "ok" and even the birthday-money yesterday, so she only had to take 10€ from her piggybank and today was THE DAY!
My hubs and she drove to NicePrice and got the snappy-wonder-arm chair :-)

Ok, isn´t that a great deal?

sleep well and dream of Bali :-)


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