Friday and a new "Carries"

Yeehaaa it is friday again, another week is gone and it was a lot of work to do in our new house!
I finished the fairy-wall in Lucy-Babys room and its wonderful! Her room isn´t finished yet but she wants to visit it every day to see "Belle a Belle" its her name for Tinkerbelle. So cute to see her sitting in front of the wall between all the laminate stuff, that has to be put in her room on sunday, wondering about all the fairys and the flowers and all that. I´m so glad that she loves it!!
Since now, our working-place (you now, the computer - office place thing) is already finished, just my hubs desk isn´t in yet. The cellar is also nearly done. I told you, it was a lot of moving-work this week :-)
On sunday my mum and my friend-neighbour went to a crafting trade fair. It realy was my personal wonderland! Crafting stuff everywhere, so many wonderful and nice things to buy and all that for a special trade fair price! I bought over 92 pieces for jewelry making (pearls and that) for only 10€!!!! WOW

1. I bought these at the crafting trade fair and made new necklaces! Aren´t they nice?!

2. I had my groovy days this week :-)

Lucy-Babys wall, so much work but we love it!!!

I found this on Meredith´s Pinterest and we decided that our new crafting room has to be like this!

I found a great shower curtain at IKEA. Lovely colours to create a neat bathroom!

That was my week and now I will have a tough weekend of go working and go on moving in the late evening!
So I wish you a nice and CALM weekend!!!

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