Hi everybody,
I know, it is bad how less I post these days, but it happend so much and there will be so much change in the next time, that I don´t even have time to read my favourite blogs.

- It was my granny memorial ceremony and we have to clean her apartment the next weeks
Very sad, but it was a nice little event. Just the family and friend sitting together and talking about her, without any protocol or something like that! Great!

- So... then, it is christmas time.. presents are needed :-) A lot of searching, buying, remodeling ( I have to change the colour of a little table and chairs for Baby-Lucy) and a lot of secrets!!! lol!!!

- I´m so excited because I got the permission to start as a trainee teacher in february!!!! Jeeeeeeha!!  A dream is come true! I´m also scared, because beeing on school desk again has been so long ago - brrrr!

- I have to find a nanny for Baby-Lucy for the time till september when she could go to the kindergarden. Am I a mother hen? I hate the thought of giving Lucy to a nanny, but it will be ok, for her... right????

A lot of action and change in my/ our live the next time and the last days, but I love our live! It is never boring and there is always a solution for everything - so that is what I´m thankful for!

I love X-Mas decoration, it gives me a special kind of rest! And I love ours - this year!

 Our living-room decoration. Mainly it is made of our advent calendars - we have nine (!!) of them :-)

And this is, what I made outside in the backyard. Candles and lights in the snow - isn´t that great and romantic!!?

And this is my fashion-part of today :-) lol!!!
I wear combinations like this in the evening to feel cosy, warm and comfortable! Teeny-Lisa said I look like Mrs Santa :-) What ever I love that!!!!
By the way.... I´m a dark-hair now :-)

Ok, that was my little overview on wednesday and thursday (wrote this post over two days ;.) )!
I hope you have a nice and calm Pre-Christmas-Time!

Love Mirja

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  1. Oh I love the dark hair it looks great and the decorations look wonderful too! Thanks for joining up with Wardrobe Wednesday