Oh Oh and HI!

Hi everybody,
I´m Mirja and just started my blog yesterday. Since nearly an hour I try to post some photos on the "who am I" thing here, but it is not that easy, because Blogger really doesn´t work like I want it to do.
Altough I´m pretty sure, that nobody except my mum, will read this, I want to design and fill it like I want - so Blogspot is just on the way to get kicked :-)
Maybe I should be nice and considder that is 1:23 in the morning and everybody went to bed.... could be, that my computer is a day-something and not a night- one, THAT could be!!
No really, there will just one more try and then I go to bed too!!
Tomorrow I will add my first DIY - so Blogger will- !
It´s a bit exciting. because we will move in september, and everything I draw, build, create... is for our new house! Yeeeeeeha! My first house to style on my own............ feel like a pig in the shit!
So tomorrow there will be the DIY tutorial of my self invented ring-carrier, which is a combination of a sculpture-picture-painting thing.... very cool!
I really had to organize my jewelry, there are so many pieces I do love and never find, so I wanted a nice system to keep and find them .-)
But you will see - I hope!!
So see ya tomorrow! ( ok - later today!!)

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