Jippijajey it´s friday and an other week is gone and brings me nearer to my new house!
The last week was a bit stressfull, because we all had a cold one after the other and this night it came back to me..... grrr! My throat aches, but hey.... it is weekend and they told, that there will be 25°C so, who cares about a cold??!!

so here are my FIVES:


you know that? In German it´s called KLATSCHBRÖTCHEN :-) In english it may be chocolate marshmallow in a bun. I know that sounds weird and it is!! I love that!We had one yesterday, and it was like a wonderfull flashback into my childhood!


We signed our hire contract!!!!!!! Jaaaaaaaaaaa!
So in September, wo move into our house!!!!


I finished a puzzle for Lucy and she loves it! there will be a tutorial in a few days!


I bought this wonderfull lamp at IKEA. Love it!

5. I started my blog!! Very thrilling!!!!

Have a nice Weekend!!!


  1. Always nice to be taken back to your childhood! Looking forward to reading your blog.

    1. Oh great, my first reader ( ok to be fair, my teenie daughter was the first :-) )
      A warm welcome to you!!!!!!!!!