Ring-carrier DIY

Ok, here we go,
how I told you the day before yesterday, I finished my new ring-carrier. It looks a bit strange, like something made of stones or something like that, but I love it. The colours and different materials of my ring look really great on this backround! But judge yourself! :-)

1. Ok, first of all you need a base, on which you like to create your carrier. I took one of my canvas I usually use for my portraits. You also need an egg carton, a knife, structure- texture paste (different grain size / white or grey), superglue (for paper!!), acryl paint ( what colour you like) and a spray finish ( i took a matt finish, bcause I don´t like it to shiny).

 2. On step one, you take the egg carton and cut out the pieces you like the design of, and glue them with the super glue on your base just the way you like. The only important thing: you should be sure, that there is a place to stick your ring in later.

3. Just a minute later your pieces are constant on the base and you cant start with the smudgy part of this creation. Cover the egg carton pieces with the texture paste. You can take a different grain on every piece, so that it looks a bit more interesting in the end. If you got some holes or little caves just put the paste in them!
Now there is nearly a day or two to wait, till the paste (even in the holes) is completely dry!

looks a bit like noses, doesn´t it?! :-)

4. After the drying phase, take your colours and start painting the whole thing, how ever you like. I took a greyish style, because I want it to look like stones or something like that :-)

Now it is VERY IMPORTANT NOT (!!!!) to use the finish, because after an other drying phase you have to make some cut-outs, and you can´t do them, if you spayed it before.

5. Now you can see the goal line, if your creation is completely dried, take the knife and cut some pockets out. Caution! They have to fit with your rings!

6. That´s it! The spray-Finish and it is done! I hanged mine next to my other selfmade jewelry-carriers.
Have fun!!!

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