What a sunny day!

Do you know that??
It is half past eight in the morning and your baby-daughter sits next to your pillow, telling you, that she is awake and likes to eat a yogurt now, which she can´t do without my help, she can´t reach the fridgedoor - pity for me!! :-)
Ok, so you open your eyes (tired, because you were much to late in bed the night before) and feel, that this will be the first hard day of a big cold - rolling towards you. But there is a yogurt be wished so you stand up, go to bath, dress, take a yogurt, sit down on the sofa to drink your tea and take a look out of the window....... and there it is......... a wonderfull clear blue sky and the sunshine sparkling at your terrace.... and "puff" all the bad mood, the cold, the tiredness is gone and you know, that this will be a wonderfull God-given day, on which your are sick, but IN THE SUN!!!!!! Yippee!!!!!!!!

It was such a wonderfull day today! My hubs cleaned his new T3vanagon, so we can drive camping next week - Yippee 2!!

We ( me, our teen, the neighbours) helped and all the kids of our block played in the sun and climbed around my working love ( he was cool with that) :-)
In the evening we had a big barbecue - what a nice end for a lovely day!

Hope your saturday was as great as ours!!

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  1. Sweet vehicle. Someday when I am much older I am going to get something like that and go visit my children... in other words, I hope they don't live next door to me! :)