High Five for Friday


  1. I finished it! This painting is going to be hanging in my studio ( jep, i´ll have a studio - jippie!) I try to translate the quote: I don´t regret anything in my life - except the things I did not do! I love this and think it is a wonderful life motto!!
  2. My neighbour cleared out her cellar and was near to trash this nice little grey vase. I picked it for our next livingroom.
  3. Doesn´t it look shabby and old?! IT IS AND I LOVE IT!  We helped my mother the other day.   I told you about. This hi-fi system is at least 20 years old, and full of amazing memories. My parents, my sister and I danced to different LPs on many sundays..... And to think practical, it has a LP and a MC player, very good to listen to my old Disney LPs and MCs with my Babyone :-), so you see... I HAD TO RESCUE IT from the trash! :-)
  4. Isn´t that pink :-) yeeeha, great thing! It is just a reading-light I bought yesterday. Because my     Babyone lies next to me in our huge bed and I love to read in bed...... hm you see the problem? :-) So I had to buy the light - she can sleep and I can read - great stuff!
  5. The last four days we had sun but a lot of rain too! It rained cats and dogs without being cold -   so we jumped through puddles everyday! Babyone loves that and I have a quite good washer!! 

I hope you had a great week to and wish a fabulous weekend!

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