A Muffin-battle...

It is Saturday , oh no it is twenty minutes after saturday :-) and I had a bakeing-flash - lol-!
Tomorrow we are going to make a sunday daytrip with some of our neighbours with kids :-)
So we are going to be eight adults, one teeny and seven kids from 3month to 10 years. And I boke muffins for all...and for all the other hundred people visiting the theme park .....

I have muffins with:
- potato and cheese
- meat and corn
- cauliflower and cheese

and sweet ones with:
- strawberrys and chocolate
- only chocolate
- and peanutbutter

each sort at least 12 muffins - wow!

and there is one baking plate still in kitchen

I should go to bed now, will be an eventful day - today


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