an other Yummy!

Saturday we came back to my most hated question: what should we eat today?

Aaaaahhhhh- I realy hate that, every day I have to conjure something tasty and complet new (just kidding) :-).
I´m not that creative in that things, but I try to, so I went to one of my favourite stores and tried to get an inspiration - and boom, there it was - I found Turkish pastry. A special offer in this week. Jippie!

So I got some :
Ground beef
Feta cheese
Grated cheese
and the Turkish pastry
3 eggs

1. First you mix a sauce of 200gr. margarine, 2 tabl.spoon of yogurt and 3 eggs.
2. Take three layers pastry and put every layer into the sauce. That you put them into a buttered baking pan one on the other.
3. After rosting the Ground beef and the onions you put all the other ingrediens on the pastry. (Ground beef with onions, Tomatos, Feta cheese and grated cheese on the top)
4. In the end you take two more Layers of pastry, put them into the sauce and one on the other on the stuffing.
5. Now in he oven for about 10 minutes 200°C

Enjoy your meal!

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