Red-Butterfly Painting

Making this Picture is quite easy, you only need:

  • Some bristle brushes in different shapes (one should be very wide and one realy realy small and thin)
  • Acrylcolor - what colours you like is just your business. (I took real red, crimson red, pink, purple, real white, titan white, lemon yellow, sun yellow, light pink, piggy pink, orange and plum lilac)
  • A canvas, which size you need
  • Carbon paper for handwriting, a pencil
  • A palette or something you could use for  that, a plate or like that

1. First of all, you spread all your colours on the platte, can be in little batches, or just splashed on it, there is no order for that.

2. The second part is quite fun and easy, take your brush and just go back and forth over the whole canvas, to mix the colours and get some nice fancy stripes. As often you are going over one place there is a confused mix and you see the dominate colour first. (it is red in my picture)

3. If it is to red (in my case) in one piece, just take a brighter colour and go over this place. The great thing with Acryl is, that you can mix it and paint over and over again, to get the result you wish to have!

4. If the paint is dried a bit, about 10 minutes. You take the Carbon Paper on the place you like to 
have your spell, quote, psalm.... and fix it with a small piece duct tape. Than take your original spell.... and put it on the Carbon Paper. Now you can skirt / edge the letters and Carbon Paper leaves it on your picture.

5. Take what color you like and fill the letters with it. Take a color that doesn´t vanish in the backround

6. Now you can finish, but as you can see I  made a little spot looking like a butterfly next to my "I" of "Ich". Becuase it is lilac you can see it very clear, so I decidet that I´ll take this theme and add some other butterflys in different shapes but the same style everywhere on the picture.

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