Friday, we did it!

It is friday and an other wonderfull week is gone! How I told you, did my sister come with my wonderfull nepher to kiel to visit us! We had three amazing days full of shopping, hanging around, trying to handle hairtutorials from smallthingsblog with her hair, polishing our toenails and talking about everything and nothing - like sisters do :-) i Love every minute we spend just talking, thats so rarely since we are both mums!
Today she drove to her friend which is pregnant - juchuh kids wherever you look!
My nephew is such a cute little Bam Bam! Just 3 month old and about 7 kilos ( that should be 15,4 pounds) cool hey? And yesterday morning he turned around for the first time!! He lied on his bed on his back, but wanted to reach something - so he just flipped around on his belly, so he could get, what ever he saw! That was soooooooo thrilling!!! And he babbles all the time..... that will be an interesting time, when he starts to speak---- hohohohoho.

Tomorrow I go back to hamburg (where i come from) and pick up my mum, after getting my nails done :-) We like to do a barbecue and she will make this gracious lovely wonderful yummie shrimp-spits, looking forward so much!

Ok, I really should write without headache (am still sick) because there is a mistake in every third word :-)
Have a nive weekend!

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