listen to that!

What a wonderfull weekend. My mum was here and we had a delicious barbecue - she is a australian and you know what that means talking about barbecue :-) A lot and a lot of meat, steaks, shrimp, legume-packages, bread and so on and so on..... jippie ja jeh what a great feast!!!!!!!!!

Today we went to a marked where you can everything you need for sewing, they had so lovely drapery! After that we came in one of the heaviest cloudbursts ever :-) I had to bring my mum to the trainstation and after a minute we were completely wet! But who cares, after a while there is now way of getting wetter then you are! So what!??!
The greatest thing after cloudbursts is puddle-hopping! My Baby loves it! with sandals and shorts she ran into a puddle and sank in it up to her knees, but she didn´t care and jumped in again and again! :-) I LOVE THAT!

Now a tip - you realy have to listen to LINDSEY STERLING - WE FOUND LOVE. It is such a affacting emotional video and I absolutely adore this song!
So - have fun!!


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