High five for friday!!

It is friday again and we had a chilled nice week!
It rained nearly every day cats and dogs but it was still great because we are big puddles-hopper!! lol!!
My hubs and me started this week a new projekt - I told you about, we like to go out in 40 restaurants, bars, diners... in 4 years.
This week was the last vacation week for my Husband and we made some little excursions around our place - and I loved it! So nice little citys everywhere!

1. It is raining and Baby-One plays in the fountain - I told you, we love puddles and water from which direction ever :-)

2. I just had to go over my painting because it didn´t "feel" ggod - you know what I mean? I think now it is great with the butterflys on it!
An other picture I finished yesterday, I want it to hang in our entry... four blowballs....four people in our family... you got it? :-)
A picture I finished some days ago, for my friend-neighbour. She redesign her entry in a kind of jungle style. And asked me to paint her something that remind her to Bali, she went a few years ago. Some of the miscelianeous deities they have there, so I chose Ganesha, which has the best idea behind.

3. I found this on our trip to Schleswig today. In a little danish shop! I like to put it in our new kitchen, it will fit perfect to the photos "still beeing molly" made of a shop-diner-thing and I got from her!

4. I gave my nails a new colour today and I love it! The ring finger has a lovely light-rosé ( sweet candy, Rival de Loop) on it. The others are with a nude shade ( café olé, essence). I got the idea with the golden (goldfinger, catrice cosmetics) tops from Kate of "thesmalthingsblog". Cool - hm?!!

5. I had another horse-riding lesson on monday and talked to my trainer about my "40 before 40" challenge. I´m absolutely sure, that I like to get my dressage- badges! 
And he told my, that I CAN TRY TO GET MY FIRST IN AUTUMN!!!
I´m sooooo excited about that! Because first he had to tell me, that I´m to old to make the base-badges, you can only get them up to 18 years. (hm a little to late :-) ) But to make sure that also adults have permission to go to tournaments, they can skip the base-badegs and go directly to dressage and showjumping level!
(It is E, A, L, M, S Level - and I start with my E-Level in autumn!) 

I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. These are wonderful Mirja!!!! You are going to be the craft queen pretty soon! :) I love them!