40 in 4

It is not that easy to go out for dinner, if you have a Baby-One and a Teenie. If we take them with us, there has to be something on the menue for them ( Baby-One is much easier at this :-) ) and if we like to go alone, my mum has to come from hamburg to babysit them :-) ....

So we started a new project just to force us to have some nice time not eating home:
40 in 4  
means, eating somewherelse 40 times in 4 years!

Sounds like something you could to in half the time, but for us it is quite hard to go out once a month :-)
To be a bit softer in rules we extendet that is has not to be a dinner thing, it is also ok, if we "go out" eating in a diner or something like that!

So - lets start!

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