sooooo delicious!

Today was one of these days I didn´t know what to do for dinner, so I went shopping and strolled through the shelves just looking what to mix together :-)

And that was the result : bun-clods filled with meat, cheese and legumes

1. First I stir-fryed the meat and what kind of legumes you like. I took, tomatos, onions, red-paprika and zucchinis.

2. I took bun-pastry and rolled it out and flat to put the meat, legumes and cheese in it.

3. Now you twist all the edge up to have a kind of knot on the top

4. fix the ends with toothpicks, put the buns on the griddle and...

5. of it goes in the oven! It took 200°C for about ten minutes.

 It tastes wonderfull and is a nice option to give your kids veggie :-) We ate it with some dip of tomato and Cremefraish ( curd)
I sit on the floor very often, it is the best seat if you have to catch the Baby-One running around  :-)


  1. This looks really good! I tweeted about your blog. I hope some my readers will stop by and say hi to you!

    1. wow, that is kind of you!!!!!!!!! Thanks!! And welcome!!!! :-)