chasing a dream

HI guys,
I don´t know if you do remember my call, to follow Carries blog and to be a part of her
 "chasing a big dream" just to make the world a bit nicer and people beeing kind?!

Now, there is something going wrong with Carries blog, so you can´t find her with google and my link doesn´t work, but that is no reason not to follow her idea.
So, yesterday, I started with sending my first message of love into the world and taking a photo of it :-)
Here you are, and I hope you guys follow this idea and send me your photos, so I can publish them, until Carrie is back again!
Translation: I wish a wonderful home time! Enjoy the sun!

That was a car somewhere on the parking lot of "Domäne". There was no other car around so I think the owner was one of the employees there. Hope he/she rejoiced the massage!
Next time I will ad my first name! Thats more personal!

Ok, so - it is your turn!!


  1. I found you during the blog hop and am now following you! Hope you follow me back

    1. Thank you and "hallo!"
      I´m just on the way to your blog!
      Have a nice visit here!


  2. Thank you for sharing the post. It will benefit others like Carries.