Such a cool YOLO!!


I started my new Job on saturday. It is in a care facility for people (older than 40) who had an alcohol problem in their past. We try to bring them back into a normal life, so that they could live alone, but the most of them are not longer able to have a house hold - they got into a hoard and clutter syndome.
The realy sad thing is, that they damaged great parts of their brain, so the short-term memory doesn´t work that well, at most of them it seems as if they don´t have one anymore!
So, to work there is my new Job!!
It is quite easy, I have to talk with them, listen to their storys, remeber them to be honest and calm, to take a shower and so on.... And once a day there is a game-time, which I have to host. So we play outburst and memory and such things.

I just started, but I think I could love that job!

Saturday I went to Nübbel - where the "Huss an de Eider" is and on the parking area stood this lovely thing.

Ok, it is old, but it is soooooo freaky! I love it and in our new house it will be our TV-Table! A great style-break modern-new / old.
I was so excited! They wanted to trash it - I rescued that wonderful cupboard, I rescued it, before going to my helping-job - that must be predestination - lol!!!


Love Mirja


  1. That sounds like an awesome job; it must be really rewarding. :)

    -Mary @

    1. It is, is really is! Thanks for visiting me!!!