Two great moments on a rainy day!

Today it rained cats and dogs, you can´t imagine how much water could come down just in one hour. It was enough to have a little lake on our terrace.....brrrr!

But that can´t be a reason not to go to Ikea, when you need some fabrics to make a new crafting projekt!
So I took my Lucy-Baby and we strolled through my second homeplace :-)IKEA!!!

I found what I was looking for , and so much more, and finished that successful shopping-trip with French fries for me and Baby-Lucy in the restaurant-kids-place. Watching her playing and eating her fries I got an idea - why should I make an other "Carries Dream" step just here at IKEA.
So I did, twice!
Translation: Thank you for the very clean tables and the good food!

I put this card on my tray and shoved it into the dishes-refund. Just a little wating and I heard " oh.... how nice!" YEEHAA! strike one!

Transaltion: Hello stranger. I think you are gorgeous!
As you can see, did I put my second card on the soap dispenser in the ladys bath. The same thing, after waiting a little, I heard " uuuuuuhhhhhh" in a very smooth - flattered way. YEEEEHAAA strike two!

I love the idea of sending strangers a nice message to make this one day a little bit better than a normal day!

Carrie is back, her blog is on again, and she has wonderful LOVE ideas, so please follow her blog and see what you can do, to make the world a lovely place!


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  1. Oh, you are such a nice person! That must have been a fun day for you and baby Lucy. Connie from Sadieloohoo