it is still Monday and I have to share my YOLO Monday things with you!

Today I had to bring my car into the garage because there is such a little mean lamp always blinking, telling me, that something is wrong with the engine. But it is the third time now my little froggy is in garage because of this lamp. I´m sure my car loves his lamp and the shining of it, but neither my hubs nor the garage guy trust me :-)
Ok, that is not that Yolo, but on the way home, with my Baby-Lucy playing in her buggy, I stopped at one of our knick-knack shops just to have a look and I found this!
I love the relaxing sound it makes. I should hang on our terrace behing our new house. Looking forward the first autumn-winds!!

So my Froggy Car brought my this wonderful thing I always looked for! YOLO!!!

There is an other YOLO for me. Friday I visited my Mum and found the complete season of Gilmore Girls in a nice freaky cover. It looks like the Lukes Diner menue!! Great! She got it from a friend moving back to US and wasn´t sure what to do with it. So I grabbed it :-)
And today I saw the first episode and was back home! Such a great feeling!! Me sitting on the sofa revel in memorys....



  1. i love gilmore girls and miss that show!

    1. I missed it too and be so glad to have the dvd now!!!

  2. Awww that was such a fun show ;)