we did it!!

Oh boy we did it!
We moved in our new house!
Sorry, sorry, sorry that I didn´t blog that long, but there was no time and no internet for me the last weeks, so I wasn´t able to blog something, and it happend so much!
There is so much space in here, I think I should make a video for you guys to see our new place, maybe on a Yolomonday or a High five Friday, we´ll see!

The next days I should take some pictures to show you how nice it is here, but for now, I like to give you one of my tutorials I propose to you. It is my new Key-holder, we put it in our entry to leave our keys on ONE place, so you can find them any time. But gues what..... I´m the only one using it - hahahaha!

My Baby-One-Lucy is like"can we go home mum" yet, but I hope she understand our moving the next days. It breaks my heart, looking in this wonderful blue eyes hoping, that we will go back in our old home..... But she is on her way to love it here, she loves the stairs and climbing them alone, something she is not allowed to, but she doesn´t care.

So here is a short tutorial for creating a new key-holding-rack.

I took an old rack from a friend of mine. As you can see it had wood-buttons and was white. At first a had to spray-colour it in a nature-white / creme. Even the buttons but I decided to keep them.

In a realy small and nice shop in Eckernförde I found this litte handels and loved them immediately. So I broke with the wood buttons and put these cutes on their place!

To give this thing something special I made decoupage-technique with it. I browse through my old napkind and find some, to make a unique style. By the way, you put some decoupage-glue on the rack- dissipate the napkinds to the coloured first layer and put this on the glue. Now you can go with some decoupage-glue or a special coating over it to seal it.

The coolest effects you can get, if you put layers of the different designs over each other. So the stronger colours can come out and the softer designs just integrate themselves. The decoupage will get clear, so you can only see the different designs. Try it and be surprised!

The finished rack! I love it! And hope you will too! Send me a picture from yours!

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