Just a bit updating :-)

Hey guys,
it is realy hard to post every day these days. There is so much work to do in our new house and every day ther is something new you have to do or organize.

Now also my grandma is ion her way of beeing very old, it seems as if she is getting demented and this cost a lot of my power. Which is absolutely silly because she is in Hamburg and I´m here and my mother is the one running every day looking on her. But I´m afraid of loosing her, even though I got through this theme some month ago, when she had a pulmonary embolism, it is hard to think about it!

I can´t believe I wrote this to you............but it is in my mind and you should post things running through your head........

Do you have still your granny? How old is she? Is she near by your place?

I think it is enough for today, I´m very very tired and should go to bed. There will be a day tomorrow! A day full of work, crafting, kids, colours, fun and my family :-)

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  1. Your life sounds a little bit crazy... Hang in there.