...back again :-)

Hi folks,
long time no see.... but I´m back again :-)

First message of all, my granny is home again! She did it! This old cow (I love her!!) did it!! It is unbelievable, and I´m honest when I tell you that I wasn´t sure if she can make it out of the hospital again tis time, but she did it and I´m so glad about that! And now she is home again! She will get a lot of help from my mum, my sister and my cousin, and a nurse and a domestic aid... but who cares - she is back!

Second - My home , my new house is nearly finished! Ok there is a lot of decoration work to do, but all our stuff is on its place and now I can be creative to give it a personal touch!
Down here I will give you some pictures of our first version of beeing finished :-) it is absolutely withour decoration stuff, just the plane mooving in style, but just to have a idea of our house it is nice to look at. So, now I have time to blog again and do some crafting stuff... Me and my crafting, we are back!

Third - Halloween is on its way, hahahaha surprise:-)!!! You know in Germany it is not that normal to celebrate Halloween. There is just a little group of kids running along the road doing "trick or tread". But this year we want to do our first Halloween Party and I´m so excited! I already have my costume, of course I will go as SUPERWOMAN - Hey I´m a mum, and I think we are all Superwomen!! Baby Lucy will be little ghostprincess, with a white tutu and that. I will give you a tutorial, but you also can find it at Youtube very easy! Teeny Lisa will be a pumpkin, my mum did a hilarious costume for her - I hope there will be some great pictures I can show you! Hubby hates costumes , but I think I will put him in his bluey, doing some "blood" on his wrench - spooky enough!... Fun in our house is back!

Fourth - My natural haircolour is back! Naturally I am a brunette, but since I´m 16, I colored my in every red tone you can imagine. soft pink to mahogany - there was everything on my hair! I did it for such a long time that even my dad wasn´t sure if I am a redhead naturally :-) So yesterday I decided to go back to my brown hair again. Ok, I did it also because my hair couldn´t hold the red anymore, there is to much in it, and it needs a break! I like the brown, it is not that easy to wear it, because, my skin is realy pale, and so I have to wear maskara and concealer now, but what ever, that is ok. Now I think of going a bit more into a chocolate tone, but I will think about that for a few days... and than show you my results. The next days I  give you some pictures of my hair - red and brown :-)

Ok, now it is time to go to bed - sandman is back!
Have a nice day! see you soon!


  1. Will you post a picture of the outside of your house? You seem to have long narrow rooms and it would be fun to see the outside.
    Connie from Sadieloohoo

    1. Hi Connie, well of course I can post some outside pictures. Do you now row houses? It is one of these. And not that easy to take a picture of it, because there are a house on each side... but I try and give you a look!
      Thank you for that funny idea!