.... an other week is gone :-)

Friday and a lot of things to show!
Here are my Fab.Fives for this week:

This is my living room. Lovely corner isn´t it?? The old sewing machine is a real antique one. It is from my grand grand mother and I love it! Down in the chest are the toys from Baby Lucy - a very stylish solution I think.

This is the decoration corner on my dining table, which is really huge. I made a little agangement of fall-items. I love the golden deer and the owl!

This is the old IKEA armchair I got from the parents of our previous tenants. I renovated it with the red fabric and the ornaments on it. Now it fits perfectly in our living room!

I bought this new necklace for 50 Euro-Cents. Now in october it is nice to celebrate also the Octoberfest a bit. So this is my homage to it :-)

I told you yesterday, that i´m a brunette now. Ok, the picture doesn´t show it that good, but I am! There is also a little red left, but it is too borring just a plain brown! I just found out what in a horrible condition my hair was just with the red/orange/pink stuff in it! I really have to take more care of my hair!

That was my week, and tomorrow starts a new weekend of working with my crazy people, telling my the same storry for the 10th time now, but hey that doesn´t matter, the storrys are fun!

I wish you a nice weekend!

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