...a clock, a radio and sunglasses

Hi folks,
I´m back again, it is monday and WE DID IT! My lovely Teeny-Lisa and I made a makeover for my blog. Now it is more me! The flowers and the wonderful juggling mum, that is definitely me!

What do you think about it?


Oh Yes, we made the makeover by ourselves

Ok, now, let me tell you, what is it about the title? 

The clock
it is a fake but I love it, and it looks so gorgeous in our living room. My Teeny-Lisa found it on the peddlers market she went on sunday with Hubby and Baby-Lucy. It was only 7€ which is a great small price!

The radio
one of our old ladys at work took her way to GOD on Friday night. She was a nice lady and reached her 98th birthday a month ago! She wanted to get her 100 but sadly she had a pneumonia a few weeks ago, and since that she could come back to her old conditions. I liked her because she was so strong and a bit harsh too. But you can´t be a landlady without a man on your side and be a softy!!
On Sunday her daughter came and cleared a part of her monthers room and because she knows that I love old-styled things, she gave my the phono-radio-cd-mc player as a gift! WOW!
Bless you Mrs Sachau and give a hug to our great father!

The sunglasses
ok, look at the picture above. I bought new sunglasses, which had absolutely no sense, because, without my glasses I´m blind like a mole! Really I am!! And this sunglasses are without a cut, so no chance for me to see even my hand on the end of my arm *lol*
But they are pink and huge and I can wear them in front of my normal glasses. Can you see that on the picture? :-)
So tell me a freak but I LOVE THEM!

YOLO today - My living room is getting more and more a nice, comfortable, warm, cozy place to spend your day in!
And I finished my painting!! Look at this!