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Hi folks, nice to know you on my blog again!
I know it is a bit goofy, but I´m really happy to have 10 followers and hope there will be more soon! Thank you!

Today is thursday night and I just roamed through my living room looking at my new autumn picture and remembered, that I havent give you a tutorial yet! So, here it is!

This picture is a collage of many different materials and technics.
I used:
- an old picture with a frame
- autumn-coloured leaves
- a broken mirror
- glue
- wool
- tessellation-stones in autumn colours
- oil painting
- acrylic painting

I glued gift wrap on the old picture, because there was a nice square-pattern on it. I used that squares to glue the wool on the pattern lines to get a 3D effect.

After that there comes a long time waiting to get the glue completely dry.
And than the fun part starts!
I used the squares on the left part of my picture to make a mix of different autumn colours. Mainly in red-shades because that is the dominate colour in my living room.
On the right side I wanted something natural, so I decided to take a tree, which is a nice theme in autumn. 
The squares I painted in oil, and the tree-side is completely in acrylic.

After the painting comes the 
tessellation-collage part.
To give the tree a more 3D effect I used leaves, tessellation-stones and splinters of a broken mirror. I glued them on the painting. The splinters I painted with brown acrylics and just a minute before beeing dried, I took a bit of the acrylics from the plinters to see a bit of the shine of the mirror through the collour, which makes a cool effect if the sunlight shines on the picture.
Because my frame was in a icky silver, I painted it brown- burned umbra, which is really dark!

I did not use a finish or something because I didn´t want to have a kind of shine on the picture except the ones of the mirror-splinters.

I hope I described it well and you send me some photos of yours!
Have fun!

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  1. I'm so glad you shared this on "Whatever Whenever Wednesday". I love this. I've recently taken up painting and love it so much. I could see doing this type of painting when I get a little better.
    I'm a new follower and look forward to reading more from you.