... bible challenge...

This is the first day of my today started bible-challenge with Joyce Meyer.
I love her speaches and I think it should be easier to watsch her in german TV, but we have to use the internet.
On Youversion.com I found my own bible-reading plan just for a year. You also can use shorter plans, or some to special themes, what ever it is great to have a little help reading THE WORD.

Week 1: John 14:23 - teaches us, that you can lose GOD very quick and it is hard to find him back. When ever you think he is with you, just without acting like he wants us to do you harm him and push him away.  So try everyday to act like He wants us, to be in his favor and love!

Thank you Father, for living in my heart. I need your presents today. Help my, blessing you in my mind and my words and help my beeing a mercy for the people having around me!

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