...Oldtimer flea market...YOLO!

Hi folks,

yesterday was really my YOLO Day!!
I was with my family and a good friend of us on an Oldtimer flea market. What a show! My girls love cars, especially the whole family is in old cars. Mustangs, Chevrolet and of course vanagons T1 to T3 are our favourites!!! And there were a lot of every cars we love!
I made some pictures for you.
Baby-Lucy wanted to climb in every car she liked ( a lot and a lot) and Teeny-Lisa was always telling us which car she likes to buy, if she has a driving-license ( in about 20 years :-) ....)

These are the cars we liked the most:

arent they beautyful?!!!
But they hadn´t just cars there where also some other great vehicles :-)

As I said, a great show! Nice people, nice cars and nice stuff.... Jep right, nice STUFF... I found an old stable-window which I can renovate, to hang it on our living room wall. I´m looking forward of starting the renovation part!!

Have a YOLO Monday everybody!


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