Loving lately: BOOTS

it it Tuesday and so Loving Lately time.
This week I bought my new boots. I love them so much. You can wear them with pants but also with a skirt and they even look great with leggins :-) although leggins are no pants - right :-)
They are in a kind of biker-boot style and a used look, but that is what I love!

Just imagine this boots combined with:

a bit casual

Love style-crashing
also a kind of style-hopping but great

that is something more familiar to me
What do you think? Like or dislike??

The day before I bought an other pair of boots too. But a number to big. It was one of those days you cant even find something to wear at work, and after looking and searching an hour or two, you have something, but no boots fitting. grrrrrrr.
So I went to one of those low-price-shoe-shops here and bought these boots. I couldn´t find some in my size, but I liked them and with inserted soles they fit!
A bit too cowboyish for me, but that is ok!

So my new boots, are what I liked lately!
Wish you a nice day!


  1. Such cute boots! Thanks for linking up!

    1. my pleasure, and thank you for liking my boots ;-)

  2. Hey Girl!!
    Just wanted to stop by and thank you for linking up Monday to The GFC Collective with Bre, Autumn and Myself!! We greatly appreciate it!!
    Mustache Mama

    1. Thank you for that great linking-party idea!

  3. Love the boots can either dress them up or down, Love your blog as well it's so cute!

    1. Thank you Gwen, that is soooo nice of you!Love your blog too!

  4. these have so many options! following you and hope you stop by (i'm a no-reply)