...Styling on wednesday and the house

Hi everybody,
I found a nwe linking up-party " wardrobe wednesday" so I post my todays outfit.
Hey, remember, I´m not a model and there is still a little baby-belly under my shirts :-) Ok, after two years you could have lost it, but I did that in stages. only two kilogrammes per year - lol!!!
No kidding, it is not easy to lose them - they are attached to me :-)

This is a kind of chaotic combination of my favourite things, even Baby -Lucy :-)

Ah, nearly missed to post pictures of our house on the outside, I just promised that, right? So Baby-Lucy and I are in our garden ( behind the house - hahaha) As you can see it is quite long and we have a swing and a slide in it. In the little hoven we have our summer-tires and some playing stuff vor Baby-Lucy.
our garden with the sandbox, you can see our livin-room and in he first floor our working space and Baby-Lucys room.

Standing on the terrace the garden is that long
Thsi is our entry, as you can see, i´m absolutely in wind chimes! I love them, and happily my neighbours do so too!

Our house, a typical german row house.

hope you have a nice thursday!


  1. Hi Mirja - So glad you have done a WW post. Love the colours and tones you have used and the way you have layered. I still have baby belly too!! (and my youngest is nearly4!) The Wardrobe Weds link is open for a whole week and I always come back to check for new people linking in. Please do link in next week. My other regular posts keep going but the linky is still open. :o)

    1. Hi Miriam, thank you so much I love your dresses as well! Ah ok, so I can link in with the WW all the week, I see :-) Sorry I thought it is only a Wednesday thing - my fault :-)