a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut
Hi everybody, I hope you had a wonderful thursday yet! I´m new to this link-party, but I think this is a great idea to be thankful and focus on it, at least once a week! This week I´m thankful for the uniqueness of Baby-Lucy! Well you know Teeny-Lisa has her own "little" personality too, but especially Lucy shows me her uniqueness in this days.
It is hard to handle for me, because as you can imagine, she shows it in saying NO, everytime there is a moment for that!
But it is so great though!!!
One day, I went to a great toy store with her looking for a helloween costume. I thought of a princess, fairy what ever dress. With a little crown, wings and all that, you know what I mean. I showed her a small selection of four dresses in pink, violett and red. She looked at them and said " oh mum, sooooooo cute! sooooo pretty!" I askedher, if she want to have one of these....NO!
She liked the pirate dress (which was way to expensive- lol)
I showed her yesterday in a nice little gift shop some crowns.... NO!
She likes the Bob the Builder outfits, and the simple ghost dress...... she is unique and not a mainstream girl :-)
Another little laugher was last week, when I asked her to use her potty........ I didn´t get a simple NO, I also got an explanation...... "NO mum, not yet! - new swaddling bands please!" "Amelie does, Elien does (neighbour gils in her age), but I don´t! Not yet!"
Such a laugher!!!

So thank you! Thank you for that little one, which that great self-confidence, and please let her be like this for her whole life!

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