Hi everybody,
we got it! It is officially winter-time. Sunday at 3 in the morning we had to move the clocks back one hour! YEEHA, ONE HOUR MORE SLEEP!
Thats what you think! Baby-Lucy still didn´t get it. Instead of sleeping one hour longer, she gets up at her normal time, but now it is not 8 it is 7 in the morning!!! 7:00 !!!!!!!!!!! Nobody want´s to get up at seven, without hustling to work or something - grrrr. that is soooooooooo mean!
I hope she learns it the next days :-)

The last weekend was a working one for me, so nothing really thrilling happend. My mum was here, because she baby-sitted our girls. Hubs was in Kassel, so nobody home :-)
I love the times my mum is here, it feels so absolutely family! It also does, when my sister is visiting us, what she will next weekend for a whole week or so - jippiejaje!

Oh I just forgott to give you my YOLO!
I finished Baby-Lucys costume. She likes to go as a ghost - withour a crown or wings or glitter..... I told you about that! :-)
Sorry for that Baby-Lucy Helloween- change, I could resist PicMonkey :-)

So what do you think about the dress? It is so simple, I took a shirt and painted the friendly-ghost-face on it, after that a sewed some lace at the end, a little pettycoat under it. Thats it!
I also made a great black and white Tutu. But guess what .......... I got a NO! So the little H&M one :-)
I hope you´ll have a great tuesday!


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