...wardrobe wednesday!

Hi everybody,
it is wardrobe wednesday and another day to try what I could wear today.
The only thing I know: it has to be in mud or brown!!

This how I started - but although I took this great fanny pack, it doesn´t feel that perfect - maybe because it isn´t brown or mud :-) lol - don´t know, but this is what I tried.

Love that little linen dress

I´m a great fan of long vests

I´m not sure, if I should keep this vest. It is nice, but really hard to combine.

Love this short vest too!

 This is what I took! The wool coat is so comfortable and ok to be outside and I love that short gold/brown shirt. What do you think?

Happy Helloween folks!


  1. Love the wool coat - looks SO comfy and you do have a great range of brown. Thanks for linking up :o)

    1. thank you for that great linking up chance!+
      Jep, the coat is really comfy! I wear it all the time just to have something cosy in this cold days!

  2. It's funny how everyone has their own go-to colours - mine is orange! I just realised it this minute. Orange and stripes. Now I feel quite sure I will never buy either again!
    I love the way you wear your jeans, I have a pair like that, I wear them slung on my hips with a big belt and they are so perfect that when I bend over they don't even show my crack. Win.

    1. As I wrote I love your style too!!! Orange is also a great for me, but in mint I do look a bit like corpse bride, not that cool :-)
      I love you guys loving my jeans. Thursday was just a day I was beginning to hate that pants, because they look a bit like pushing a little bow out of it, and I have NO jeans, pants a bit tighter. But if you think it goes well I keep it ! THANKS!

  3. Yep, I agree with Melissa - your jeans are just great! Brown suits you. But I think you looked great in your first pic too! That wool coat makes me want to snuggle in a soft blanket - is that what it feels like to wear it? Lovely!

    1. Thank you so much Melissa, I love brown this days, but also brighter colours like orange... really you think that grey combi is nice too?? Ok, I even have to think about it :-)
      Yea, that coat is one of my favourites it is soft and cosy and I love to wear it also in the evenings sitting on the couch knitting... :-)