Thank you!

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut

Hello everybody, it is thursday and I had a hard day of working and beeing a mum :-) But it was fun, and so I really have to be thankful!

For my life, in which every little problem gets a solution quite quick and without harming my family to  much!
For my girls,  who are the middle of my life, the joy of my days - every day!
For my girls II, who handle my working days so great - beeing alone for about three ours, playing with each other without beef.
For my Hubs, who is a great backing and the love of my life!
For my mum, who comes sitting the girls whenever I asked her to.
For my sister, who is my best friend ever.
For my job, which is the easiest job ever and I found my real interest there - working with old people!

Thank you my lord for all that wonderfull thinks and people in my life!


  1. What a great list of things to be thankful for this week :)
    just stopping by from Carina's linkup!

    1. Thank you Beth, and I love to link up with your friday finds .-)