Friday again!

Hi everybody,
this week was a kind of a mess and I would have a lot of things to be pissed of, BUT: As my bible challenge tells me every day, you have to watch your life and live your days, as GOD want´s us to do, so...... breathe and look to the great, wonderful and pleased things this week!

This week I´d like with two partys:

Favorite Frock Friday and Photobucket 

 The great things I found this week and my fab fives are: 
1. I found these at KIK,( a 1€ shop) - love the colours

2. ok, i didn´t found this, I made it by myselves and I love it!

Found this today at IKEA, and it was cheaper then usual.

Aren´t they cute??!! Also from KIK, and also 1 € only!

I found my new love for Ombre. Whisch was really hard to get in my dark coloured hair, but we did it and I like it very much!!! 

Thats it folks :-)
Love, have a nice weekend!

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