...gold and lace

Hi everybody,
it is monday again and I found a great new favourite for my outfits. A long sleeve, white shirt with lace. It is such a wonderfull and clever basic! Next to my skinny pants I never want to wear something else .-)

This weekend I combined it with to other basic short sleeve shirts, what do you think about my layering? :-) (Love to layer)

Friday I decidet that I really have to have a golden necklace, so down I went to made one by my own.
This is what comes out... so what do you think?

The vest is cool, hey? I rescued it, hubs wanted to put it in trash - it was his :-)

I´m so in brown - love every combination with it!So you see, all my three favourites by now. My golden necklace, the lace shirt and my new bracelets..... ooooh and my skinnys :-) lol

the new bracelet... the white one was made by me, the other colourful on I bought at Ernstings family

see.... my necklace. It is made of three. A simple golden one, a golden one with white leather in it and a brown one.

This is on the way to become a fashion blog, strange :-)
I´m so not a fashionista :-)

Have a nice week!
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  1. I love the first outfit with the vest!

  2. I can't believe you made that necklace! I love it!

  3. haha nice!! Yeah, a fashion blog would be cool)