Twilight/ Breaking Dawn 2 Style

Hi everybody,
for the ones that thought my Breaking-Dawn- obsession will stop the next days - sorry guys you´re wrong! :-)
Today my teeny-Lisa present me with a new nail polish and it is from the new essence - breaking dawn part2 series. "Alice had a vision-again" a kind of dark-violet, it sparkles and I love it!
The whole series is wonderful, what do you think?

Liquid Eyeliner "Alice had a vision-again" "Jacob´s protection"

lipgloss "Alice had a vision-again" "Renesmee red"

nail polish "alice had a vision-again" "Jacob´s protection" "piece of forever" "Edward´s love".  I don´t know why Edward´s love has to be black, but hey it is such a great black-sparklening one!

eyeshadow pigments "Jacob´s protection" "alice had a vision-again" "piece of forever" "Edward´s love"

I love that stuff! And I think I should buy me the whole "Alice had a vison-again" series and maybe the "Edward´s love" nail polosh too!!!
So what do you think of these film-promotion- theme makeup?

Love Mirja

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