....red nosed...

Hi everybody,
I have a cold - and I realy don´t want to be a man, BUT I DO FEEL SOOOOO BAD!
It is not the cold itself that gets on my nerves, it is the sneezing I hate so much - you know I´m one of these sneeze-eight times-per second-woman, that is such a crap! That I even don´t have a concussion is just like a wonder!!!!

So today is thursday and it is "be thankful" time!
So can be sure there are a lot of things I´m thankful to, but these days I´m thankful to this:
Without these little helpers, I think my nose would be like a bomb and my cough would sound like an old truck-engine!
So who ever, whenever invented these wonderful things, is just my hero for today and I suspect, for the few days!

But I´m also thankful to something completely different! I had an interview yesterday at the department of education to become a teacher by a career change. And they liked me!!! Today I got the answer that they want to start me in february or august! They just have to find me the right school, because first I need to be a student teacher.

I wish you a great friday and be happy with me!

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut
The Fontenot Four

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