what a day!

Hi folks,
hope everyone had a great weekend! And enjoyed pre-christmas-time!

I missed the fab five on friday, so I want to show it to you now :-)

Isn´t this little bow just wonderful? I love it and its sparkeling so nice!

My new no name watch! You remeber, I have them in pink, orange, black and grey! Thisis my new golden baby :-)

Is is christmas and I think, my computer should have his own christmas tree too! So it has a hub, that is changing colour every two seconds! lovely!

This one is the greatest season chocolate I ate for a long time! It is with roasted almond! Yummie!

I think everyone should have violett
 slobber pants
with pockets! It is so comfortable!!

These are my fab fives! What do you think?

My weekend was a theme for it´s own. We cleaned the flat of granny and took the furniture we could use, out. It was nice, because I saw my cousins and the kids and we had fun, but at the same time a hate doing that, why is quite clear, isn´t it?!

Tomorrow is the funeral on which I have to sing and to hold a little speach. And for this I have to practice a bit, so don´t be angry about this short post - I have some work to do :-)

Hope to read you soon!


  1. New follower! Found your blog through the blog hop, can't wait to get to know you more :)

    1. Hi Rachel, great to have you here! Thank you!