Happy New Year


I hope you all had a wonderful christmas time and a great start in 2013!!

I had!! LOL!!
Although is was accompanied by illness! My mum was with us the chistmas days, but one day before the had a complete heating failure in her flat, which was a real horror, because she sat there in the cold with her feet in the oven to have it a little warm! Later the day Hubbie drove there to refill her heating with water, but you need special equipment for doing that, so one whole night for mum in the coldness! So she had a cold up to today..... poor one! But you can´t imagine the fabulous meal she conjured for us!

The days between christmas and new year Baby Lucy had fever, not sobad but not really nice for her!And yesterday she had it too!

my neighbours are sick too, especially the men - what does that mean? :-D lol!!!!!

But we had a great time, full of LOVE and JOY and PRESENTS and LOVE and FUN and LOVE and a lot of laughter!!!!

Do you have some intentions for this new year?
- I want to find a Marry Poppins for Baby-Lucy :-) Or a woman just like her :-)
- I want to make a perfect trainee-teacher time with good results in my tests and students loving to come in my lessons!
- I´d like to keep my hair red the whole year! I know that sounds stupid, but I love to change my colour and very often I take the wrong one and look weird :-)
- I really really want to be a great mum to both of my girls!

Not that big things, but there should be a chance so reach my goals, so.......

So... what are your intentions?

Love Mirja


  1. Stopping by from Tuesday Topics...I like your goals! Can't wait to read more about your blog!