I found HER!!

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I found her, to be correct: Lucy found HER! Our wonderful italian nanny! Our own Mary Poppins!
Thats what I hope!
Yetserday we visited her and we were fallen in love with her house and her family and her dog!
I´m not sure if I told you that, but Baby-Lucy is very very shy! It is always a long way to get her into something. She doesn´t like speaking with people she doesn´t know, even kids are not hers, if she doesn´t know them. She is a huge observer of situations.
Yesterday it was just an hour, and she started to pet the dog and spoke to her, she tried ti clean the little play-kitchen from stuff that doesn´t have to be in it. And she interacted with Mary Poppins! (Ok it is not her real name, particularly she is italian, but I´m not sure if she is that much in blogging things, so I decided to call her Mary Poppins :-) ) Baby-Lucy did spoke non a word to her. But she reacted to what Mary said to her- so give gave her glitter to glue it on a picture.
I know that doesn´t sound great or as a big thing, but it is for her! Even her aunt has to work hard to get her confidence back because of not seeing her for just two weeks.
To show you a more clear picture of Lucy-Baby - today we went to meet an other nanny and Lucy acted as if she sleeps. It was strange!! She absolutely didn´t want to talk even to look at her! Thats my Baby - she nows people by just looking at them :-) :-) lol!!
I´m realy happy of founding our Mary Poppins! And hope this fairy-tale will go on as great as it started!

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