...Fashion Week

I everybody!
Up to today I had a very nice and calm week!
Baby-Lucy and I went to "Mary Poppins" everyday. It was so wonderful to see how much my Baby grows every day! She isn´t afraid to have her own mind, which is not that normal as it should be. For her, beeing herself with strangers, is very hard! So I´m happy about every blowup she had these days!
To be honest I think she could now find an end with bursting.... but Mary Poppins is great, she doesn´t care about her little explosions, she just goes on and is able to take little Lucy with her..... LOVE HER!

Ok, know my fashion week.
Xou know, in Germany we have a sold out every first week in the year. You can get great things very cheap! Soooooooo, of course.... I went shopping to get some of these lovely goods for me!
This time I thought of my trainee-teacher time, coming soon, and what to wear!

So this is my last week in fashion:

I love that skirt. Even if I do look a bit weird closing my eyes :-)

That must be ten minutes before falling into sleep! I was so tired after shopping!

SUNDAY!  Isn´t it romantic?! Love that kind of style!

It´s a bit french :-) Love that shirt. One of my goodies from Saturday! The elbow patches are great aren´t they?

Like a Hippie :-) Everybody should be a little 70th!

and finally ... today! The shirt is also a snap from saturday!

So how was your fashion week??
Love Mirja

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  1. the pink cardi and the french monday look are my favs! :o) Thanks for being a Wardrobe Weds player this week.