Valentines is coming....

Hi everybody,

there is so much to think of and to handle the last days, that I can´t find time to post, but today I just stroll through Pinterest and found some nice little ideas for Valentines Day.
What do you do on Valentines? Something special? Is it special to you?
Here in germany it isn´t such a big deal. Only the fresh - flowers in the eyes - lovers are in it!

Hubby and I didn´t pay that much attention on it the last three years, but this year I think there could be something different! So Pinterest was my help to find something nice and easy to do for my love!

Which one do you like?

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This one is simple but lovely! I love that idea! I could put this everywhere in our house!

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That is such a great idea! Hope there will be snow up to february!

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Where could I find love letters for decorate a table? There must be books with that.....


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easy and it fits great in our living room. It could stay there longer! Love it!


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Ok, for sure!! We will see that film! There is no way out of this!

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To be honest, that is crazy, but I love it! It would be the greatest to have this in my living room! We aren´t people for that, but I wish we would be :-) lol!!!
Valentines day is on its way and I love it!



  1. Lovely ideas!! You have a wonderful blog!! I'm your newest follower from the “GFC Collective” blog hop - this is my blog if you wanted to follow back:

    1. Thank you so much! Love to visit your blog!

  2. Love the Valentine's ideas... the last one is amazing... but it wouldn't work in our lives either.