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The Austin Family Diary
Hi everybody, today I´m linking with Lauren and the Austin Family and love to think about this question: Which seven people I´d like to meet personally?!
1. Hubbys father! He died, when Hubby was 19/20 something. But he must be a very interesting man, having such a fantastic son!
2. Jane Austen! She must have been one of the first emacipated women of her time! I love her view on society and her kind of rude way to tell the truth about men and women.
Jane Austen

3. Emma Thompson!! I love her films, I love every interview of her, so she must be a wonderful - loevly person with a huge heart! No matter how old she is, there is always so much love in her face and her smile, I hope I´m allowed to get old like her!
4. Edward! Don´t tell me you don´t know Edward!? You have to! Ok he is a fiction, but I would love to talk to someone beeing that cute and that old at the same time! There must be so many great storys of there life to listen to, while looking in this beautiful eyes :-)
Edward Smiling Cute
Wow not easy to find seven people!
5. Sigmund Freud! I really want to ask him, what the heck he is talking about - combining poo and the .... of boys ( come on you know what I´m talking about!) to crochet a theory about loving to have a partner on your side or not! He is right in a lot of things, but I swear - seeing a light tower and loving to watch at it, is not because I would like to be a man..... It is just because liking lights in a tower going round and round helping ships! Thats all Sigmund!

6. My Granny again! I miss her so much! And there are so many things I´d like to ask her! There is no day I´m not taking the phone to call her, just to ask a little question or telling her something Baby-Lucy did! Beeing without her is a shit!!

7. Coco Chanel! And I would ask her for a make over!! There is nothing more to say! She is the ONE!

So thats it, folks!
To whom would you like to talk?!

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