It is all about the hair!

Hi everybody,
what a nice weekend was this!?
It was full of having nice cakes, walking around, seeing and meeting some nice peoples!

Today I´m a bit nervous because it is the first day beeing in school today. Just for a presentation, but I have to convince the students to take my lessons to have my own class! brrrr!

So my first day in school again  - there must be a change in haircolour, no not a change, I would call it a refresh of red!

I wanted to have my hair a little bit brighter, to get a real red without using colours like "crazy colours" or that stuff. But I was afraid of using hydrogenperoxide, I ruined my hair a year ago with that, so no retry please. The solution a hairdresser gave me, is using a coloration for blondes to make their hair a platinum look. This stuff can only make your hair about five nuances brighter, not more. You can see, that my hair wasn´t the same colour all over, so the blonde couldn´t make it the same intensity everywhere. Which I liked, so I got some highlights without even making them!

After washing the blonde colour out of my hair and having a finish with cold water, which is important after havin a blond colouration. I took the red you can see above and the result is great I think! It is such a bright, glowing red. Ok, on this pic my hair i wet already, but I wanted to show it to you as fast as I can. :-) Some blowdried pictures will follow :-)

Do you like it?!
Have a nice week - see you!


  1. I really do like it! It's a very subtle but stunning change! Good luck with your first day back.

    1. Thank you so much! It was great! About 21 people took my lesson just in the first hit! Great!