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HI everybody,
yesterday was a big deal! I had my first day in school. Ok it was just the introduction of my class, but I had 21 peoples signing in for it, just in the first round!Yeeeha!
Monday and my first teaching lessons are allowed to come!!!

Today I linked up with Lauren and the Austin family
The Austin Family Diary
And I love to answer their question about SIX MEMORIES of mine.
Here they are:
Baby-Lucy. Her birth was the beginning of our little lovely family! Because just three month after her arrival, Tenny-Lisa decided to live with us too! So thank you little crumpled one!

First of all my wedding. It was just as wonderful and simple as I like it! The ceremonies, the cake, the weather, all our family and friends. It was just perfect!
Our first trip to Danmark with the whole family. Cold but such a great time. Only Teeny-Lisa was grumbeling all the time!
Our Honeymoon was very special! We took the kids with us und made a backpacker trip to Berlin. We lived in a little apartment and walked a lot seein everything important! Great time!!

Our first camping trip. We went to a fishing-lake in Denmark with my brother and sister- in- law and their twins! The vanagon on the right is ours :-)
From my sixth memorie I don´t have any pictures, or no special one! Every memorie I do have with m y family and friends is my favourite! My childhood, my schooltime, my going to university, my life in Berlin all these moment where attendet by my family and this in a marvellous feeling!
So what are your memories?

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