back again

Hi everybody!!
Missed you so much, but that was a real exiting time the last month.
I started my trainee teacher time and I love it. It is so much work and we are all so busy, but who cares if you can do the job you wanted to be in, for sooooooo long!
And know I´m totaly in it. You now, preaparing for lessons, reading stuff to be smarter then the students :-), writing test, giving marks.... and so on, it it so cool!
And teaching adults is quite fun. I love the work with kids, but you have to be a little more flexible working with grown up, because the questinons, are so different, and you are not right, just because beeing older :-) ore that.

Baby-Lucy is with Fede, our greatest Nanny ever! She is so fun and Lucy loves her! My Baby made such a huge step growing, she is braver, she uses so much more words, even long complicated scentenses... wow! Ok, I know, that this is normal, but you know, Lucy is slow down, she takes her time for everything and sometimes all the other kids are good in things, she isn´t even thinking about. So for me it is always a surprise seeing her taking an other step.

This week it is a free one, so

Give you some storys, beeing back!

See you!

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  1. Welcome back! Glad you are loving what you are doing.